Here at Hill and Sky you will encounter high creativity, designers passionate about making visual impacts, knowledgeable in the wine industry and designers who are not afraid to have fun in the process. Our clients say the way we work in unison with them, challenge the status quo, and understand exactly what they want, far surpasses their expectations.

Our team consists of graphic designers, copywriters, photographers, web designers, videographers, marketing researchers and product designers. With this vast talent pool we make exquisite designs, but more importantly, we make designs which are strategically relevant, and as far as possible; eco-friendly.

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Aline Nienaber

Aline, the founder and creative director of Hill and Sky, grew up hearing the grumblings from her grandfather (a member of Les Chevalier des Coteaux Champenois and knighted as Grand maître du Champagne (Grand Master of Champagne)) about the right and wrong methods of making champagne, wine, harvests, viticulturists and the hardships experienced within the industry. This gave her a birds-eye-view of a world with infinite possibilities despite its traditional limitations.

With her French family living in the Bordeaux and Languedoc-Roussillon regions in France and educated in the wine capital of South Africa; Stellenbosch, working in a world she knows well is only too natural. Surrounded by vineyards, winemakers, viticulturists, marketers all these connections led to working with some of the world’s biggest brands and biggest wine tasting events (and a lot of free wine!).

Aline’s deep knowledge of the wine industry and her talent with design creates the perfect blend to doing a wine brand justice. Hill and Sky are motivated to keep wine brands flying off the shelves, make lasting loyal consumers and keep thinking out of the bottle.

Our Trends

When it comes to trends, we have our own unique approach. On the one hand we are on top of what trends are popular in the world, and on the other hand we create brands that support their own strategic trend according to what the consumer wants and what our clients expect.

We source and create our own images, introduce our own colours, styles and fonts. We constantly reflect on and introduce you to new and ingenious ways to use print, inks, recyclable materials and environmentally friendly components.

We (You and us) inspire. We (You and us) design. We (You and us) reach the space between hill and sky and celebrate success.

Nelson Mandela: “Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, you can be that generation”

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