Yoga Awakening Africa

Learn it. Love it. Live it.

6 beautifully chakra themed national magazine issues. First of it’s kind in South Africa. Collaborated with local photographers, writers, publishers. All printed on environmentally friendly paper from sustainable local forests.

Bringing yoga awareness into the depths of Southern Africa nation-wide. Spreading yoga knowledge of different yoga disciplines to all those wanting to learn. Inspiring yoga students and practitioners the beauty of yoga lifestyle. Teaching methods to live a better more balanced life.

Economical - 90%
Ecological - 95%


Each Issue follows a chakra colour in conjunction with YAAs own journey.
  • Issue 1

    Green (Heart Chakra) = Beginnings.
    The first heartbeat of life.

  • Issue 2

    Red (Root Chakra) = Grounding.
    Connecting to your inner nature.

  • Issue 3

    Orange (Sacral Chakra) = Growing.
    Realising your personal power.

  • Issue 4

    Yellow (Solar Plexus Chakra) = Self-worth.
    Honor your enlightenment.

  • Issue 5

    Blue (Throat Chakra) = Self-expression.
    Take a deep breath & say it.

  • Issue 6

    Indigo (Third Eye Chakra) = Self-realisation.
    Become psychically aware.

Front Covers

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6


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