The 30 days are now at an end of the #30daysketching challenge. This sketch is a mix of some of the 30 sketches in one way or another. A reminder not to take things too seriously. A very special thank you to Nathan Howells for drawing with me every day! It’s been really good to see how we’ve both progressed through this challenge. And I’m also proud of those who are not artistic having challenged themselves too. Everyone that has taken part has become more confident and more free to #justbe. I don’t think I will stop here. My sketchbook will be a part of my routine everyday whether it’s for fun or for work. It’s been very satisfying to reconnect my imagination to my hand and sketch with no judgement (it’s a sketch after all), imagine new and interesting shapes, lines and marks. Thank you to Dominic de Souza for kind and encouraging words ? And to everyone who has sketched, liked, shared and opened discussions; thank you ? In a couple of weeks I will launch a new and more directed learning challenge and I hope to see you all take part ?

#sketch30daychallenge – for Instagram hashtag

For the full story as to why I’m calling this challenge: please read my article.

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