I love hills. I wanted to make a full page landscape of abstract hills. I drew a couple and added a sun. Because seriously, what is a landscape without a sun? Drawing with a ruler is not as easy as it may seem. It’s a little boring really and ink bleeds under the ruler making ragged lines. I took a break and made myself a cup of tea. Came back to look at my sketch and did not see hills and a sun at all, but a chameleon! So I gave him a tongue. I love this little guy now. I may make an animation out of him one day.

Need a theme for your sketch today? Try your hand at drawing a whole lot of lines and see where it takes you. Try some thicker ones to stress boundaries or tension points and thinner ones for detail. It doesn’t need to be a particular thing – could be a pattern.

I can’t wait for day 3 now!

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For the full story as to why I’m calling this challenge: please read my article.

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