Mountains are as much a part of me as my fingerprints. As a little girl, my father (a geologist), would take me up the mountains for natural wonders, clean air, and great views. Often. There was never an excuse not to make it to the top. If you made the effort to go on a mission, best persevere to the best bit and see the views. Hence why I started Hill and Sky. The two things that make me feel at peace. Mountains are so big, vast and powerful. Our problems and our worries are small in comparison. Best not to worry and just take in the views, breathe that air and come back down with new found wisdom to keep creating.

Need a new prompt for your sketch today? Draw something deeply rooted in your personality. Draw with lines and flow with it. The only bit of planning is what that thing is – the rest somehow just comes from pure trust in this thing which is so much part of who you are.

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For the full story as to why I’m calling this challenge: please read my article.

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