Sketch on day 12 of 30

MEH.  Monday’s. They are usually hard days. It’s a day where you set up your week, realise the amount of work you must get through before the holidays. However, next week this time we will all be having a Merry Monday! Can’t wait! Can you? Need a new prompt for your sketch today? Doodling is highly therapeutic. Drawing without […]

Sketch on day 11 of 30

RESTFUL SUNDAYS.  Wishing you all a peaceful and chilled out Sunday! Need a new prompt for your sketch today? Loosely sketch something which makes you feel relaxed. Use a pen! Pen is not easy to delete therefore you have to improvise when mistakes happen. Remember to post your sketches and use #30daysketching – for LinkedIn, Facebook hashtags. […]

Sketch on day 10 of 30

NOT ALL SKETCHES MAKE SENSE.  I sometimes look at art and really try understand what went through the artists head. What compelled them to make this ‘thing’ that makes no sense?! When we’re trained for graphic design we were encouraged to always see it from the audience perspective. Because after all, the purpose of graphics […]

Sketch on day 9 of 30

THIS GIRL LIKES HER PEARLS!  The green kind ?! The sun came into the room this morning and cast a beautiful shadow of my Senecio Rowleyanus onto the wall. Sounds almost rude but it’s a plant called String of Pearls. And what fun it was to sketch a graphical interpretation of it – with my […]

Sketch on day 8 of 30

REAL JOYS OF A DESIGNER!  When your new pens arrive at the end of a very mad busy day! What a treat! I had to try them all and just in time too. Watch the next few sketches from now! Need a new prompt for your sketch today? Try using different thickness pens/pencils and sketch a whole lot […]

Sketch on day 7 of 30

A STAR TO ADMIRE  Definitely starting to feel like Christmas. With our tree up, lights on and our star proudly in the top of the tree, our home feels cozy and ready for festivities. I love Christmas. It’s the one time of the year I can get away with having cliched things in my home. […]

Sketch on day 6 of 30

MY SPASTIC PEN!  Yesterday I ran out of coffee and today I’m running out of ink for my technical drawing pens! I’ve spent a good 15 minutes shaking, scribbling, cleaning nib, refilling with the little ink I have left and to no avail. As I was scribblings away I decided to make something out of what […]

Sketch on day 5 of 30

GAH!!! OUT OF COFFEE ON MONDAY!!!  I need my coffee in the morning to get me going. Do you? What have your latest curve-balls been? I have a few others… need to print something in a hurry and your printer decides it’s going on strike. Or, you need to get somewhere, running late, and your […]

Sketch on day 4 of 30

WHY IS THE MOON FOLLOWING US?  Kids say the funniest things. I think the moon is beautiful. The way it illuminates the night sky, the way it’s imperfect and changes shape, the way it affects earthly rhythms. However, some of us find it rather creepy. Need a new prompt for your sketch today? What have your kids […]

Sketch on day 3 of 30

WINTERY GUST  Trees are down to their last few leaves as the winter winds blow them loose in vast numbers. If winds were visible in lines – this is how I would imagine it. Brrr… keep warm 🙂 Need a new prompt for your sketch today? Think about seasons and how it changes our moods, lives and […]

Sketch on day 2 of 30

A LONG WAY TO GO I love hills. I wanted to make a full page landscape of abstract hills. I drew a couple and added a sun. Because seriously, what is a landscape without a sun? Drawing with a ruler is not as easy as it may seem. It’s a little boring really and ink bleeds under […]

Sketch on day 1 of 30

Through the looking grass I did not plan this sketch. I started with a line. My first thought was it could be a plant! How authentic. But authenticity is not the point. The point is to start and see where it goes and enjoy the process. I then drew the first leaf. And another. I noticed my leaves […]

We care.

You can go eco with all your stationary. We can re-brand your packaging to be eco-friendly and cost effective. Will people notice you’ve used environmentally friendly materials and methods? Yes, and you will be proud for taking this step! All that is required of you is to choose your favourite designs and we handle the […]

We have launched!

Hill and Sky – where creatives meet nature. I’m very excited and would appreciate it if your mouse finger could help to spread the news! We do what we love and we have a legacy to fulfil. Not only do we design beautiful artworks, but we also aim to make a positive impact on the […]