We are crazy but collected, arty and sensitive in a strategic field of applied graphic creation. We are driven by our six senses (including precognition), communication skills and experiences. We collaborate and establish a positive relationship with you and naturally create excellent design. We are motivated to restore an eco-friendly balance on the planet and design accordingly.

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Our Outlook

The founder and owner of Hill and Sky, Aline Nienaber studied applied graphics in Stellenbosch, South Africa. She would cycle to a little spot on a hillside near a stream and sketch her designs. The hill signifies a place where she could reflect on life, create and recharge.

The natural world (sea, sky, earth), human differences and cultures and the desire to care for one another is the main incentive for the origin of Hill and Sky.

Indeed, Hill and Sky illustrates this outlook in its identity. Our commitment is; brilliant design combined with constant reflection on how to best preserve our planet for generations to come.

Eco-friendly businesses are fast becoming the new benchmark. Hill and Sky are your specialists in the field. We work with carefully selected partners who are not afraid to try new methods and which boast carbon-neutral statuses.

Our Trends

When it comes to trends, we have our own unique approach. We source and create our own images, introduce our own colours, styles and fonts. We constantly reflect on new and ingenious ways to use print, inks, recyclable materials and environmentally friendly components.

We inspire. We design. We win. You reach your space between hill and sky.

Nelson Mandela: “Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will.”

  • So, we’re good at creating.
    Bonus – we focus on your needs and goals whilst designing solutions with the planet at heart. We constantly reflect on how to use our skills so that everyone can benefit.

    At Hill and Sky, we get branding and marketing; we know how to represent it.

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